Spontaneous Combustion Book

Ancient Mysteries ~ Bible Prophecy ~ Esoteric Truths Revealed

Part I ~ The FALL


The Two Creations

The Knowledge of Good and Evil

All Flesh had Corrupted His Way

The Temple of Man

The Slumbering Soul

Noise of the World

The Psychology of Slavery

Part II ~ The CALL


Hymn of the Great Pearl

Come Out of Her

Divide and Conquer

The 7 Sided Tomb of CRC

Man, Know Thyself



Ye Must Be Born Again

Timing is Everything

Psychic Sex

The Key to SuckSeed

Spontaneous Combustion

The Great Work


Shattering the dogmatic interpretations long held by the “churches,” the author has revisited many of the Bible’s mysteries, and now presents the esoteric truths contained within.

Drawing from the study of sacred texts, religious myth and symbols, from the study of metaphysics, psychology, and various occult teachings of the mystery schools, the author has presented a solid case for what he declares to be the true message of the ancients.

An intentionally non-religious work, though dealing with core issues of religion and spirituality, Spontaneous Combustion: Enlightenment and the Cosmic Crucible proves to be both Unique and Profound.

Enlightenment and the Cosmic Crucible

What Readers are Saying About the Book

“…definitely a well-written work. Gentry has a clear and down-to-earth style that is a breath of fresh air in the sea of obscure and esoteric nonfiction. If you are seeking insight from a uniquely unorthodox perspective you will probably like this one.”

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“The most fascinating, insightful and thought-provoking read covering religion and the meaning of life, condensed within one must have volume… Reading this book was like opening a window on something new and incredible that is enlightening, soul searching and instructive… I can now honestly say that it has altered my outlook on life, my perspective and knowledge has expanded on such an overwhelming scale as to shock and astonish. I never thought that one book could have such a dramatic and marked effect upon its reader, hence I cannot enthuse enough about the depth that Miles Gentry has gone to to produce something of such an outstanding caliber…

Spirituality and religion are such deeply rooted entities that have been ingrained within human life, therefore I found this to be truly mesmerizing and intriguing to read about and discover on a whole new level. Sacred texts, religious myth and symbols, the study of psychology combined with metaphysics makes this an extraordinary and most remarkable read, done in such an original and unique way that is utterly distinctive… My entire perception has altered to an extent by reading this, as it has achieved what its designed to do and exceeded all expectations, therefore I highly acclaim a skillful author.”

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“This work makes you think and is overall very well written. I’ve liked what I’ve read…and found it very interesting and thought provoking throughout. Miles has great talent and I look forward to reading more from him in the future.”

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“As a reader I had these and other concepts hidden in my subconscious and afraid to accept them yet this author has the gift to extract sensitive theories and write in an entertaining (not with a lecture writing) style…In all I was pleasurably surprised by the concepts this author explored in his book…it has expanded my awareness.”

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“Reading this book, it has an insightful concept that the flame is inside us waiting for the activation key to unlock the mysteries of the secret of enlightenment. Half way through and I can honestly give it 5 [stars] for the laymen terms, the investigation of the ancient to modern research, and the expanding of one’s mind to open the door to the unknown and explore and digest the new found yet buried treasure of knowledge in each of us.”

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Spontaneous Combustion- Enlightenment and the Cosmic Crucible is a truly inspired writing that offers a meaty message of spiritual insight for all that can accept it. While drawing on and then corroborating the wisdom of the ancient mystics, Miles Gentry peers much deeper into the mysteries of man’s divine nature exploring both the fall and the ascension of man’s spirit and soul. In so doing, Gentry discovers many esoteric and rather extraordinary revelations which he then lays out like the blueprints for a carpenter…Spontaneous Combustion, may in fact, help to fan the flames of that wonderful fire Jesus started two Millennia ago!”

Brad Edwards – Christian Writer

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Enlightenment and the Cosmic Crucible

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Enlightenment and the Cosmic Crucible

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Enlightenment and the Cosmic Crucible